Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Multi-touch screen sound mixers

I think that Band in a Box is missing something, if I've read their documentation correctly. They provide all sorts of sounds, but not mixer consoles. If you create a set of instrument sounds, you will want to adjust their relative volume, probably on a dynamic basis, and the obvious way to do that is with some variety of multi-touch screen interface to the computer. You could drag-and-drop to assemble and connect the board to the instrument sources you've created, and use virtual sliders to adjust their relative volumes--recording that information as well for later playback. I assume that frequing the signal is done at the instrument level and not the mixer board level, which simplifies the board layout somewhat.

It wouldn't be as easy to use as a real mixer without touch feedback, but the possibility of easily recording and later revising the changes would seem to make up for it for the novice without the bucks for a full system--which is one of Band in a Box's markets.



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