Friday, October 01, 2010

Aspergers and theater revisited

A few years ago I mused about the possibility of teaching roles and how to detect them using theater. We were not able to schedule any kind of formal therapy along these lines. There was a local person who was interested in this sort of thing, but unfortunately she/he had some personal issues and went transsexual--and, though she had been given no introduction or description, our daughter was weirded out just meeting him/her/whatever. That did not seem a good match. It was encouraging to think that even with Aspergers our daughter could instantly detect that something was seriously different, and probably wrong. But that group wasn't going to work for her. We encouraged our youngest daughter to join a theater group in high school, partly to help her with finding a role in the chaotic mess and partly to help with learning about role-playing and detecting roles as described earlier. She found it frustrating at times, but learned to enjoy it. It is nice to have clear-cut lines and roles, and she did well at that. She loves opera and the great romantic/tragic characters, but opera doesn't always have the most realistic dialog and roles... I wish I could say there were breakthroughs, but this has been and still is an incremental process.

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