Saturday, January 04, 2014

Antenna charging

I've been at conferences in which the series of meetings lasted long enough to have participants scrambling for power outlets to keep their laptops running. Typically there aren't enough.

Suppose one were to attach an antenna that served as a charger, matched with a large broadcast antenna grid on the ceiling. The broadcast antenna measures backscatter and dynamically adjusts its broadcast distribution to focus as much power as possible on the receiving antennas. Starting with pulses, and dropping back to pulse mode from time to time, might make this easier.

In an auditorium a floppy charging antenna is likely to hang vertically, which isn't exactly ideal. So the antenna should be stiff like the old radio antennas, but even so I've been in crowded auditoriums where there such a thing would be parting the remaining hair of the fellow in the row in front, so this might not work very well.

There will be some wastage, which may not be acceptable in crowded rooms. If everybody is flopping antennas into the middle of a desk the level of wastage is probably safe.

The size and grid density of the broadcast antenna will determine the number of simultaneous beams (unless you want to cycle among them).



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